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Wenzhou Yinwang welding and cutting mechanical co.,ltd. specializes in studying,manufacturing and selling welding and cutting tools as well as thermal insulation and drying equipment,which is a backbone enterprise in the industry of electric welding machine fittings. We adhere to the principle of strict,scientific,efficient and high-quality production and implement the concept of successive refinement and quality first for our products to build up an international brand, Minte Yinwang ,for our customers both at home and abroad.
Our main products include such series as cable couping device for eletric welding machine (quickjoint and connector) ,TIG welding torch,drying oven of electric welding rod,thermal insulation cylinder,drying cylinder,semi-automatic flame cutting machine,profilercutting machine and pipeline cutting machine ,Our products can match all kinds of equipment both at homeand abroad. Inthe past equipment both at home and abroad to launch new products constantly to ensure our leading role in the domestic welding part field all the time. We have facilitated electricity.metallurgy,petrochemical and shipbuilding,and have won a good reputation among old and new custoners,thus having gained goodsocial and economic performance.Our company sincerely invites customers both at home and abroad to join hand in hand with Minte Yinwang to create glories together. 
Quality objectives: 
-- the development of new products, and continuously meet the needs of users
-- the implementation of international standards, creating famous brand products
-- the implementation of total quality management, to ensure that products manufactured pass rate of 100%
-- the commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and trust
quality assurance commitment:
1: the warranty card is the only proof machine warranty, please safekeeping, lose don't repair, repair please with the warranty card, with the repair work, show the warranty card, fill in the record "by the repair personnel repair".
2: purchase, be sure and vendors to fill out the warranty card or with the machine from the date of purchase of 30 days, please fill out the warranty card (copy), in block letters and stamped with the seller seal, service return my company customer service service department or company stationed around with your units nearby, otherwise it will your timely repair the future impact.
3: free warranty service including accessories, such as: the vulnerability of outside welding torch, cutting gun, cables and other host.
4: the following situation cannot enjoy free warranty service: very conditions of installation, use damage, such as: violent impact, vibration, drop; outdoor use no rain, the demolition of housing Yang facilities; work; voltage is too high or too low (should ensure the normal voltage of ± 10%); without the authorization to demolition, alteration caused by fault.
5: if the local (or nearby) without our services, please contact with our company after sale service department.
6: according to the "Regulations" of GB15579-1995 arc welding technique, the user to comply with the provisions under the conditions of storage and use, from the date of 12 months as a result of poor product quality and the damage occurred or not working properly, our company will be responsible for free repair replacement parts for the user.
7: if overdue, our company (including over services) will still provide good after sale service, make you satisfied.